How it's Made

The Magical Minimalism of Argaman & Defiance Textiles

Discover magic in minimal design. Our mesmerizing silk shawls from Argaman & Defiance are the perfect transition pieces. Super sophisticated and very versatile, they are handmade of 100% silk right here in Chicago. In this edition of "How it's Made," we visit the studio of School of the Art Institute of Chicago alumna Lydia Crespo to learn about her process and intriguing inspiration.  

 Silk Speckle Shawl-White with Black / Silk Speckle Shawl-Black with White

It all began with a trip to the planetarium. A projection of a starry sky was inverted such that the stars turned black against a white sky, and visions of surface design danced in Lydia's head. The following weekend entailed a trip to the farmer's market where the artist observed a similar pattern on speckled eggs. It conjured organized chaos destined for realization in fabric form.


  Speckled Purple Gold Scarf / Speckled Grey Gold Scarf / Speckled Olive Gold Scarf

 Green Flaco Painted Scarf / Mauve Flaco Painted Scarf

Organic ingredients are the perfect potion for putting her designs on textiles. Natural dyes responsibly collected from onion skins, tree bark, roots and leaves are applied to silk then screen printed, using techniques Lydia learned at the School of the Art Institute.

Once peppered with paint, the fabric is cut and sewn by hand. Caution: the results will leave you a little star-struck.

  Green Flaco Painted Scarf / Mauve Flaco Painted Scarf

Cast a sartorial spell with a shawl that is simultaneously organic and cosmic. Less is more with the magical minimalism of our assortment of Argaman & Defiance silk scarves.