How it's Made

Architecture Inspired Jewelry by Ashka Dymel

Jewelry designer Ashka Dymel's architecture inspired pieces featuring impeccably chic, modern silhouettes are simultaneous style statements and artistic innovation. Step inside her studio for a glimpse into her creative process fusing fashion, design, history and modernity. You're in for inspiration in this edition of "How it's Made."

 Four Leaf Honey Necklace

Ashka employs a unique method of capturing stones within metal frames using silver wires, which are threaded through holes and welded at high heat. These wires can also hold modular elements together, allowing for movement and structural flexibility.

 Ashka at work in the studio

An enduring perfectionist, Ashka meticulously sands each piece using a miniature belt sander. A microscope and electric welder assist with precision.

 Leaf Honey Earring

Ashka trained as an architect, and this background informs her aesthetic approach. Modernist movements such the Bauhaus School, Russian avant-garde art and Mid Century Modern design are primary inspirations. 

 Spiral Foliage Necklace / Spiral Foliage Earring

Within her designs, harmony is achieved in modular repetitions and variations on geometric forms. Negative space and obvious structural qualities are an integral part of every composition. 

 Ashka at a site of inspiration: Dia Beacon in Beacon, New York

Combinations of colors and textures create collage-like effects and exquisite chromatic gradation. 

 Rectangle Dot Garnet/Labradorite Necklace

These lightweight pieces are practically polymorphic: they simultaneously alter and anchor any outfit.  Both linear and geometric, sculptural and functional, this versatile jewelry makes a statement without weighing you down. 

 Rectangle Dot Earring

Explore Ashka Dymel's unique, exquisite creations: 

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