How it's Made

Fusing Fashion and Architecture at Anne Cate Studio

Anne Cate’s skyline products are inspired by the excitement, passion and adventure felt when a city skyline comes into view. That familiar feeling of vitality and possibility infuses her accessories representing iconic skylines at the intersection of architecture and fashion. Catch the spirit as we visit her studio to discover the process behind the product in this edition of "How it's Made." 

 Weekender Chicago Skyline Tote - Pink / Weekender Chicago Skyline Tote / Weekender Chicago Skyline Tote - Blue

Founded in 2016, the Anne Cate skyline collection is completely handmade in her studio in Cleveland, Ohio. A belief in the beauty of simplicity inspires the skyline designs, with an emphasis on line, color contrast and silhouette. 

The pieces are all made to order in small batches by the Anne Cate team using sustainable, quality materials sources in the USA. 

Each item begins with a yard of fabric that is transformed and customized using a sublimation process. This process is distinct from screen printing in that the designs are infused into the fabric rather than sitting on the surface. 

 Chicago Skyline Cosmetic Pouch - Blue / Chicago Skyline Cosmetic Pouch - White / Chicago Skyline Cosmetic Pouch - Pink

Post printing, the designs are assembled and carefully sewn by the skilled team members. 

Attention to even the smallest details, quality and community are values made manifest in each piece. More than just purses and pouches, the skyline collection is meant to conjure moments and memories. 

 Anne in the studio

The skyline collection now features over 100 hand-designed skylines to animate your adventures from cities around the world. 

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