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We're in the Mood for Mauve

As we slide towards spring, mauve is having a major moment. Pervasively popular millennial pink finally takes a back seat, ushering in a new, more sophisticated color crush. Explore our assortment of marvelous mauve jewelry, accessories, gifts and home decor and discover inspiring ways to incorporate this handsome hue into our new year. 

Shenandoah Collage Necklace

Integrate the prettiest purple with your wardrobe for accessory success. 

Mauve Flaco Painted Scarf

Make mauve a luxe layer and radiate elegance at any event. 

Water Lily Pin

Beautiful blooms in romantic hues create an exquisite impression. 

Ruby Sapphire Necklace

Precious purple stones provide an immediate outfit uplift. 

Magenta Shibori Silk Scarf

Shades of silk mauve combine with timeless technique to help you float through the day in an effortless way. 

Frank Lloyd Wright® March Balloons Leaf Necklace

Mauve mixes beautifully with geometric elements in a chic architectural accessory. 

Shenandoah Collage Bracelet

Embrace mauve within a kaleidscopic collage of soothing hues.

 Manet Flowers Tote

Made any day with Mauve + Manet. 

Purple Floral Glass Plates-Set of 4

Create space for mauve on your tablescape with delicate, hand-painted glass. 

Sea Urchin Glass Paperweight

Decorate your desk or shelf space with dynamic designs featuring mauve-centric movement.  


Cosmic Cone Sculpture

Mix it up with mauve and complementary colors in elegant home decor. 

Jewel Bib

Make practical use of the season's star color: mauve for messes. 

 Color the Classics: The Art Institute of Chicago

Finally, paint the world purple or make it a mélange. Color the classics however you'd like or make 'em mainly mauve. The options are as endless as your imagination!

Discover our items that will get you in the mauve mood: 










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