How it's Made

Ethereal Elegance from HB Studio Ceramics

Lauren Herzak-Bauman, the lead designer for HB Studio, makes sculpture, installations, public art and pottery outside of Cleveland, OH. She is also the creative behind our museum-worthy Nebula collection. Fusing sculptural aesthetics with the utility of vessels, these pieces will elevate your decor through their interstellar inspiration. 

The designer in her studio

Lauren began making vessels over 20 years ago, but took a long hiatus to pursue sculptural work. Upon returning to Cleveland, she revisited pottery out of necessity and quickly discovered ways to infuse the functional medium with her sculptural sensibility. 

HB Studio evolved out of this practice in the Cleveland suburb of Lakewood. The studio is housed in an old automobile factory with high ceilings and abundant light emitting from large warehouse windows. There Lauren is surrounded by artisanal businesses as well as artist and design studios. 

Inspired by nature, midcentury modern design and the Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi, Lauren begins each vessel with a mound of clay from which the form will take shape. She removes, carves and refines the piece until the angles merge with flat planes to create a vessel. 

Lauren then fashions molds from the originals using the slip casting method, which yields unique, limited editions of each design.  

Finally, the vessels are fired in electric kilns and coated with porcelain for its durability and brilliance. Variation and imperfection—the inevitable result of handcrafting—is always embraced.

Square Nebula Vase / Geo Nebula Vase - Large / Geo Nebula Vase - Medium

Featuring a unique union of utility and aesthetics, the HB Studio Nebula collection will elevate your decor.

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