How it's Made

Ride the Sustainable Wave with Smart Glass Jewelry

Empty wine bottles never looked so good. Drink in simple yet stunning statement jewelry by Smart Glass and engage with eco-friendly accessories whose luminous qualities are perfect for spring. Join us for a behind the scenes look into the Atlanta, Georgia, studio of designer Kathleen Plate for this edition of "How it's Made."

Kathleen has always loved creating beautiful things. Her inventive passion was initially inspired by a childhood spent working on projects with her mother, who taught her how to solder and work with stained glass. 


 Wave Earring

The designer grew up in a solar home with an organic garden and parents who insisted upon recycling everything, so it's understandable that she would see empty bottles as a viable art medium. These days, she sources the bottles locally from the collection center of a nearby farmer's market.

Notably, Kathleen has acquired a utility patent on the production of her raw material, something she describes as "essentially a very expensive piece of paper saying I’m an artist that invented something that never existed before."

Once collected, the empty bottles are cut and then fired using a variety of Smart Glass studio techniques developed throughout the years. Kathleen loves that while the colors, shapes and sizes are original to the bottles, it’s the unusual perspective (or slice) that imbues each piece with its unique properties, bringing these everyday items to life.

One of Kathleen's greatest passions is travel, and she is nourished and inspired by exposure to new and varied experiences. These experiences often manifest as elements and motifs in her art, such as the lively, coruscating movement of her Wave Collection. 

Discover the luminous, eco-friendly elements and altogether chic aesthetic of the Wave Collection: