In Focus

At Home with Great Design

Perk up your personal office with art and architecture inspired items that are anything but ordinary. From useful gadgets to gorgeous decor, find the right designs to make your home workspace work for you. 

Keep time: 

 Frank Lloyd Wright® Glasner House Clock

 Flip Travel Clock - Dark Gray

Jot it all down:  


Frank Lloyd Wright® Undated Planner And Pen Set

Set of 2 Lion Journals / Refillable Lion Pen

Hold your paper in place: 

 Starburst Glass Paperweight

Fill your bookshelf: 

 The Space Within: Inside Great Chicago Buildings

Mark your spots: 

 Frank Lloyd Wright® Nature and Form Sticky Notes

Keep your candy and coffee contained: 

 Bean Bowl

Vincent Mug 

 Harper Mystery Of The Missing Migrants Mu

Deck out your doodling: 

 Art Institute of Chicago Bicolor Pencil Set

Keep your cords: 

 Hopper Nighthawks Glass Wire Weight

Bolster your books: 

Lion Bookends - Pair 

Give your decor an aesthetic update: 

Frank Lloyd Wright® Imperial Hotel Peacock Glass Panel