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Let the Good Times Grow

Having house plants has many benefits: they clean your air, boost moods, reduce stress and enrich the overall environment. Get your (indoor) garden up and growing with foolproof flower and herb kits and botanical bar accessories. Our assortment of kits from Modern Sprout make home tending easy while bringing spring to your decor. 

We're all spending more time indoors these days and bringing greenery inside is more appealing than ever before. Enter Modern Sprout's innovative grow kits—including flower and herb jars and cocktail starter accessories—all of which are sure to spark joy in your home.

 Zinnia Garden Jar Grow Kit / Pansy Garden Jar Grow Kit

The flower kits feature organic seeds inside a vintage-inspired glass planter. This streamlined and sustainable approach features a self-watering hydroponic system—a truly low-maintenance growing process—no green thumb necessary. For video of the of the simple setup click here: Garden Jar Setup

Fresh herbs make all the difference in almost any dish and perfectly complement cocktails. The accessories in our basil and mint kits help you season and savor with ease. 

 Harvest Basil Grow Kit

They're charming on the outside, but inside use a passive hydroponic system that brings nutrients up to the plants' roots while regulating moisture. There's no guesswork over whether the soil has the right amount of water. Plant the included seeds of your choice, put water in the reservoir, place the jar in a sunny window and get growing. 

 Celebrate Mint Grow Kit

For those of us with no outdoor gardening space, no green thumb—or both—a little bit of bliss is here courtesy of Sarah Burrows and Nick Behr of Modern Sprout. Adorn your decor and harvest all that flavor with ease with their chic, sleek, delight-inspiring grow kits.

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