In Focus

The Art of Expression

Whether you crave a creative escape or want to record your thoughts, we've got the goods to help you express yourself. Send someone you love a heartfelt handwritten note or make your own masterpiece with our writing and art supplies. 

 Set of 2 Lion Journals / Refillable Lion Pen

Jot your thoughts and pay homage to our great institution with our Lion Journals and Pen. 

 African American Boxed Notes / Frank Lloyd Wright® House Beautiful Boxed Note Cards

Staying connected to loved ones is more important than ever. Keep in touch with a thoughtful note and artistic inspiration. 

 Set of 2 Mondrian Journals / Frank Lloyd Wright® Undated Planner And Pen Set

Let the meticulous lines of modern masters guide your writing in art and architecture inspired notebooks.

 Color the Classics: The Art Institute of Chicago

Color yourself content as you put your own creative spin on iconic paintings in museum's collection. 

 Frank Lloyd Wright® House Beautiful Pen Set /Art Institute of Chicago Bicolor Pencil Set

Doodle to your heart's desire or pen the next best novel with writing instruments that help you get the job done.

 Watercolor Paper Pad / Wood Frame Watercolor Paint Set

Make watercolors a way of life and express yourself with our pretty pad and paint set.

 Cherry Wood Art Set

Perfect for artists of many levels, our set has everything you need to create your own masterpiece. 

 Junior Art Gallery Set - Lime

Finally, we can't forget the kids! Help their imaginations run free with our kit for young artists.