How it's Made

Inspiring Design at Glass Eye Studio

Sometimes an object captures our attention; other times it takes our breath away.  At Glass Eye Studio in Seattle, WA,  creativity is key as teams of artisans assemble art objects that astound. Whether purely abstract or infused with narrative allusion, their paperweights feature intricate, hypnotic layers of glass that radiate from within. Read on to get inspired.

 God's Eye Nebula Glass Paperweight / Autumn's Beauty Glass Paperweight / Starburst Glass Paperweight

Glass Eye Studio was founded in 1978 with the mission of providing glass blowers with a place to practice their craft and develop their artistic voice. Today it is a thriving environment comprised of glass artisans and other artists collaborating to design beautiful, accessible, high-quality art objects. 

The team at Glass Eye Studio begins each piece by gathering clear molten glass from a furnace onto a long hollow rod. Depending on the design,  previously made glass rods or dichroic glass disks are fused within the igneous object. The dichroic disks are laser-etched with images in instances where figurative designs are incorporated, such their Autumn Beauty and Winter Wonderland paperweights. 

All of the glass used is sourced for its high quality and clarity in the USA.  Only the most highly skilled artisans create the paperweights in particular because of the degree of detail, control and accuracy needed to create these collectibles. 

 See our collection of Glass Eye Studio's dazzling paperweights below.