How it's Made

Pick of the Patch: Glass Pumpkins by Luke Adams Glassblowing Studios

Featuring luminescent ombre effects and pleasantly plump shapes, our handblown glass pumpkins look to have been harvested from a fairy-tale garden. Ripe for the picking in an amazing array of sizes, colors and finishes, they are ready to enchant during your fall festivities. Read on as we reveal how they're made.  

Just outside Boston, Massachusetts, lies Luke Adams Glassblowing Studio.  A working studio with a gallery and classes, it is a hub of glass making activity where students and artisans alike can cultivate their creativity through a classical craft. 

To assemble these colorful creations, hot molten glass is gathered on the end of a hollow metal pipette. This gather is hand-blown and shaped in a mold to attain the perfect pumpkin shape. 

The pumpkins are then dipped in water to achieve their unique crackling effect, and returned to the kiln for sealing. Finally, a curvilinear stem is attached and shaped using an additional metal rod. 

Fall in love with your very own seasonal art object: