How it’s Made

Autumn Glass Leaves

In the heart of Pittsburgh, there resides a glass blowing studio where unique and colorful glass leaves are produced. After creating glass pumpkins exclusively for nearly 10 years, our makers decided to design something complimentary, and similarly representative of fall. Discover the creative process behind these autumnal keepsakes.  

First, they begin by gathering a clear mass of glass from the main furnace.  This is essentially a crucible of clear molten glass held at 2100 degrees inside a giant insulated kiln. From there, they add chipped bits of colored glass and melt them in. 

Once the color is integrated, they flatten the mass and use special glass shears to cut and shape the leaf petals.

 Finally, they pull the glass off of the pipe to create a stem. The finished leaf then goes directly into a different kiln where it sits overnight to anneal, or cool. After 16 hours, they are at room temperature and ready to ship!

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