How it’s Made

The Unique Universe of Patricia Locke Jewelry Design

If you regularly read our blog, you know we love local artists, but as an encyclopedic museum, our global outlook persists. This perspective is embodied by designer Patricia Locke, who seamlessly fuses fashion and fine art with a global sensibility into her handcrafted jewelry line.  Join us as we drop into her Chicago-area studio to see why her designs are becoming fast favorites at the Museum Shop! 

 A completely self-taught designer, Patricia's singular aesthetic vocabulary has evolved since creating her first pieces in 1971. It is both highly personal and universal, encouraging interpretation and self-expression. Each heirloom-quality piece presents paradoxes: they are handsome and beautiful, organic and geometric, immediate and enduring.

Patricia's jewelry is instantly recognizable for its distinctive asymmetry, multi-metal combinations and elegant use of positive and negative space.  For her, "creativity is play," and inspiration is eclectic, deriving from her global travels and diverse personal interests such as the Arts and Crafts movement, architecture and technology.

Today Patricia Locke's workshop creates five distinctive collections every year. Among America's premier contemporary jewelry designers, they are timeless, relevant, and consummately collectible.

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