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May We Interest You in Embroidery?

Give flowers that last. Our Embroidered Silk Shawls are the perfect gift for luxury lovers and art appreciators. Read on to learn  about this timeless tradition.  

A centuries-old technique, embroidery is again having a major moment and we're here for it. Artifacts of this craft can be dated back to the 5th-3rd Century B.C in China, and embroidery's cross-cultural significance is undeniable. Examples can also be found globally in the traditions of present-day Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, Asia, North Africa, the Middle East and South America, with applications ranging from the Imperial to the quotidian.

Continue the tradition and embody the season with the delicate and detailed designs of our Embroidered Silk Shawls.  Stunningly sumptuous to the touch, you'll feel the luxury and appreciate the history. The search for the perfect present ends here: