Artist Spotlight

Behind the Scenes with Stefanie Wolf Jewelry

Stunning and incredibly versatile, our Czech glass tile jewelry can be dressed up or down and adapted to suit your sartorial style. Join us as we travel from the Czech Republic to Martha's Vineyard alongside the talented designer behind these handcrafted and organically inspired accessories.  

 The designer on a sourcing trip in Liberec, Czech Republic

Stefanie Wolf has been a life long avid collector of objects and in particular rocks, shells, beads and other beautiful objects. After several years in corporate jobs, her collector's eye turned towards jewelry making as a form of therapy and creative expression. 

When what was a hobby evolved into a career, Stefanie began to travel to the Czech Republic, where the handcrafting of glass beads is a longstanding tradition.

Bead bonanza!

 Here she partners with local artisans, designing shapes and color schemes to suit her elegant and sophisticated visions.

 Bags and bags of beads

When she has found the perfect pieces with which to execute her overall designs, she returns to her home and studio on Martha's Vineyard, off the coast of Massachusetts.

 Design and construction

Once in the studio, Stefanie and her hardworking team assemble the beads into wearable works of art inspired by the sublime beauty of the ocean and the charms of island life.

 The designer's team and studio on Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts

Thank you to Stefanie for taking us along on her journey!