How it's Made

The Natural Beauty of Botanical Jewelry by Michael Michaud

Artist and jewelry designer Michael Michaud has been passionate about nature for his entire life, and the outdoors are the setting of his earliest and fondest memories.  Consequently, in 1992 he combined his skills as a master precious metal caster and mold maker with his love of natural phenomena when he founded Silver Seasons jewelry. Join us for a sneak peek into Michael's Long Island, New York, studio and learn how he transforms nature's ephemeral beauty into lasting keepsakes.  

Cordyline Branch Pendant Necklace /Cordyline Leaf Cuff / Cordyline Double Leaf Wire Earring

All of Michael's creations start with a botanical element. A plaster mold is formed around a flower, leaf, berry, twig or sprig. While this process is similar to lost wax casting, he uses an actual organic element rather than a wax model.

 In this way, his designs replicate the exquisite beauty and imperfections of nature.

Rosemary Necklace

The pieces are then hand cast using extreme pressure and heat into models that are embellished with pearls, stones and findings as deemed by the original designs. 

Cordyline Leaf Collar Necklace / Cordyline Leaf Wire Earrings 

Finally, the jewelry is given a hand patina finish, to replicate the myriad colors found in nature. 

If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, nature should be honored.

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