How it's Made

Wire and Glass Jewelry by Barb Levy

Inspired by a love of mathematics, geometry and the work of Frank Lloyd Wright®, Alexander Calder, and Piet Mondrian, our Wire and Glass Jewelry appears to have it all. Today, join us for behind the scenes look into the studio of designer Barbie Levy to see the process that takes these pieces from wire to buyer!

Barbie has honed her truly distinctive style in her Baltimore, Maryland, studio for over 20 years. A vibrant hybrid of color and architectural inspiration, this jewelry gets its passionate personality from a unique handcrafted process. 

Each individual accessory starts out as one long piece of wire upon which colorful beads are strung. Careful consideration is given to color combinations to ensure visual interest. 

They are then hand formed with pliers one bend at a time, perfecting the angles to make each piece exactly as designed.

The result is a kinetic sculpture you can wear as an intriguing accessory for any outfit. 

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