In Focus

Accessories at Artistic Intersections by Meghan Patrice Riley

Time for a brief introduction: Fashion, meet our old friend, Architecture. Architecture, this is Fashion. When dynamic artistic forms collide, magic can happen. 


Created by Brooklyn designer Meghan Patrice Riley, some of our favorite accessories for fall are a fusion of fashion, art, architectural element and textile design technique. The materials for each piece are sourced in the USA and hand fabricated by trained artists and metalsmiths in Meghan's studio. 

Combining simple building materials such as bridge cabling and industrial ball chain with semi-precious stones, this line inhabits the intersections of industrial and feminine, ordinary and extraordinary. 

These lightweight pieces are practically polymorphic: moving with your body, they simultaneously alter and anchor any outfit.  Both linear and geometric, sculptural and functional, this versatile jewelry creates a statement without weighing you down.  

Make a memorable impression at your upcoming art openings or holiday gatherings: