How it's Made

Sculptural Sterling Silver Jewelry by Zina

Zina Sterling Silver is a family jewelry studio that has been creating signature sculptural jewelry since 1984. Located in Beverly Hills, California, designer Zina Sherman and her son Andrew were exposed to the world of jewelry manufacturing by her father.  When Zina took over the family business, she immediately imbued it with her bold, fashion forward flair. Finally, Andrew joined the team, bringing his Computer Aided Design (CAD) techniques into the mix and further modernizing the production process. Read on for a sneak peek into their studio.

 Zina and Andrew in the studio

Much of Zina and Andrew's inspiration for their designs is derived from the linear geometry of architecture and organic natural forms. Following a collaborative conceptual brainstorm, Andrew creates a mock-up in CAD and the file is sent to a 3D printer, which produces a model in cast polymer resin. 

Next, using the centuries-old lost wax casting method, the resin master is methodically transformed into wearable art. First, it is afixed to a base and submerged in a plaster cast called an "investment." Once the investment has hardened, the resin is melted and removed, leaving a negative space. This resulting space is filled with molten sterling silver which is left to cool and anneal overnight. 

Once the silver is sufficiently hardened the investment is dissolved, leaving the sculpted metal casting to be filed, sanded and polished by hand. 

This process is repeated in the production of each elegant piece of Zina jewelry with the same amount of artistry and attention to detail. Every Zina design, while fundamentally minimalist, seeks to embody the beauty of the simplest of forms.