How it's Made

Woven Wool Scarves from Scotland

It isn’t your traditional tartan, but these Scottish textiles are made with just as much care and custom. Fifteen years ago, design duo Jess Quinton and Jane Chadwick fused their fashion and textile backgrounds to launch a knitwear collection made exclusively in Britain. Today, they've achieved this mission and exceeded all expectations with their unique hybrid of traditional craft and contemporary design. Read on to learn and get inspired.


The latest collection by Quinton Chadwick is a product of the designers' travels in Portugal and Italy where they found motifs from mosaics and ceramics infinitely inspiring. While creatively combining color and pattern has always been their aesthetic specialty, they've gone above and beyond with these sumptuous scarves. 

The scarves are made in a small workshop in Scotland where highly skilled craftspeople create using traditional techniques.  They are then moved to the duo's London studio for hand finishing. This process includes steaming to ensure the fibers blend seamlessly for chromatic nuance and the softest possible finish. 

It goes beyond attention to design detail: Quinton and Chadwick also hunt down the highest quality yarns in order to realize their quintessential designs. In addition, their business ethics are centered in sustainability, slow fashion and provenance. They are proud that their pieces are made by hand or in small factory batches and appeal to people who value quality and skilled craftsmanship as well as contemporary design. 

 Keep cozy this fall with our woven wool scarves: