How it's Made

Block Print Silk Scarves by Harshita Lohia

Woodblock printing may be a time-honored technique, but in the workshop of designer Harshita Lohia, it yields surprisingly modern designs. Read on to explore her combination of contemporary color and textile tradition in this edition of "How it's Made."

Maroon Block Printed Silk Scarf / Navy Block Printed Silk Scarf

In Harshita's process, patterns carved in relief are still thoughtfully stamped on silk as they were historically. However, the arrangement of these patterns is illuminated by bold color combinations,  instantly elevating the designs.  

Elements of nature, simple geometric forms and Indian cultural symbolism are used as inspiration. Next, these ideas are sketched and the design elements are repeated using CAD (Computer Aided Design).

The most intriguing elements are then identified for carving and separate blocks are created for each color.


Sapphire Block Printed Scarf / Zebra Block Printed Scarf 

Depending on the design, white silk is hand dyed or spray painted and textures are added using simple tools such as combs, metal pieces, brushes, papers, wood grains and more.

The production process culminates in bold, perfectly patterned pieces of textile art. 

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