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Lana Jewelry for the Art Institute of Chicago

Channel your inner celebrity with glam accessories created for the Art Institute by Chicago designer Lana Bramlette. We are thrilled to announce this collaboration, inspired by our museum and dynamic city. These pieces are party perfect yet versatile for every day, artfully reinterpreting luxury for the modern woman. Read our interview with Lana to learn what inspires her to create:


How did the Lana Jewelry story begin?

I was a hardworking, fiercely independent 27-year-old, endlessly searching for the perfect pair of modern gold hoops. I never found them, but my search sparked something bigger within myself—my desire to make fine jewelry accessible to more women. We all deserve it and my mission is to give women the confidence to own their worth.

Why did you choose Chicago as the home base for your line?

It’s the city that made me who I am. I grew up in Chicago, always inspired by the intriguing blend of architecture, art, culture and attitude that defined my surroundings and captured my imagination. It’s a tough city, but it also has real heart and authentic beauty lying just beneath the surface—kind of like me.

Your designs have classic roots with a modern edge. How do you curate your collection?

I act on impulse and instinct. It’s my own personal art and science for selecting the perfect designs for each collection. I'm relentless, dramatic and driven by my own untamed inhibition. That feeling is infused into every one of my designs because they evolve from my own sensual, unapologetic nature. As the architect of my own line, I’m building something intimate. I always start by envisioning the body of the woman who will wear my jewelry and how the pieces will drape against her bare skin. What will it look like? How will it feel? That’s what jewelry is. It's a feeling, a moment, a look.

How has your line evolved since you started? Looking ahead, what’s next for Lana Jewelry?

The essence of my line has remained the same from day one—to bring a sexy edge to fine jewelry and make it an everyday part of women's lives. I’m all about empowering women through self confidence. That will never change. In fact, that philosophy has only intensified over time. What’s next? I’ll continue to push the envelope, break all the rules and inspire more women to own their confidence by investing in themselves. I hope that staying true to that mission will keep the brand forever young, fresh and relevant. And no matter where we go from here, I always want the connection between myself and my clients to feel personal.

Who or what inspires you in general, and, specifically, in Chicago?

The modern-classic luxury of the Four Seasons, the straightforward, unapologetic honesty of the people and the city itself. We don't have to be something we’re not because we’re proud of exactly who we are. That culture and confidence are what shape my vision and drive my designs. Chicago has an undeniable, earnest strength and you feel it. People genuinely love this city for what it is: the architectural beauty, urban grit and natural self assuredness.

Do you have any favorite quotes that motivate and inspire you?

My favorite quote of all time is by my idol, Madonna. I had it in my senior high school yearbook, and it still has a major impact on me today. The only difference is that Madonna is now a client. "Power is an aphrodisiac, and I am a very powerful person. My drive in life is from this horrible fear of being mediocre." -Madonna

See the Lana Jewelry items available online below. For additional exclusive designs, visit the Museum Shop.