In Focus

Great Gifts Under $100

From the art lover to the festive fashionista, discover unique gifts for everyone on your list. 

Tickle their funny bone and delight their design sense with fun footwear for fancy feet.


 Modern Artist Socks Boxed Set 

Give a perfect pairing with rich-hued cognac amber in a contemporary silhouette. 

 Amber Half Circles Necklace / Amber Half Circles Chain Earring

Everyone knows a Frank fan. Give them what they crave.

 Frank Lloyd Wright® Coonley Mug / Frank Lloyd Wright® Art Glass Coaster Set

A purrfect present for kids or any feline fans. 

Warhol Plush Yellow Cat / Warhol Plush Blue Cat


For anyone who loves to get their game on. 


  Andy Warhol Wooden Dominoes / Frank Lloyd Wright® Saguaro Puzzle

Know a dapper dresser? Help them find their fashion flash with unique, hand painted designs. 

 Modern Gray Skinny Tie / Modern Black Skinny Tie

Color their kitchen. Give whimsical accessories to the creative cook. 

 Crime Scene Trivet - Red / Multi Swirl Lazy Susan

Big things come in small packages. Make merry with our sweet mini mementos. 


 Iris Little Love Vase / Day Little Love Vase / Neutral Glass Acorn / Teal Glass Acorn

Decor can be the life of the party! Our Fiesta Bowl will enliven any room and delight anyone on your list. 

Fiesta Ruffle Bowl

Keep them cozy with playful pattern and unique, handmade textiles. 


Navy/Coral Zero Dot Wrist Warmers / Navy/Coral Zero Dot Scarf / Peacock Prisma Scarf / Peacock Prisma Wrist Warmers

For the festive fashionista, you can't go wrong with metallic jewelry that is both versatile and right on trend. 

 Trapeze Earrings / Syncopation Earrings / Ash Leaf Earrings


For the budding artist or dutiful doodler:  

 Art Institute of Chicago Bicolor Pencil Set / Color the Classics: The Art Institute of Chicago / Art Institute of Chicago Graphite Pencil Set

Finally, give your best bookworm an Art Institute favorite that's certain to inspire and delight. 

 Miniature Rooms: The Thorne Rooms at the Art Institute of Chicago