How it's Made

A Global Perspective on Design with KJK Jewelry

Designer Katherine Kornblau's business had humble beginnings: From it's inception in a red wagon on Fire Island, KJK Jewelry has grown over 35 years into a busy Madison Avenue studio in New York City. However, while her studio has continued to evolve, Katherine's lifelong love of global art and culture has remained consistently evident in her work. 

Colored Quartz Glass Necklace / Colored Quartz Stone Earring / Colored Quartz Stone Bracelet

Katherine's affinity for the world's rich historical and cultural diversity makes her well-suited to her area of aesthetic expertise: designing lines for museums to complement their collections. As such, she's been a perfect partner to the Museum Shop throughout the years.

 In the studio 

In addition, Katherine has traveled extensively in South America and Mexico and studied at the École du Louvre, in Paris, while completing her art history degree. Her international education and interests are reflected in her designs, which are popular nationally and internationally with museums and art galleries. 

Matte Glass Multi-Color Necklace/Earrings Set

Citing the cultural diversity of New York City as an influence, Katherine explains that "Observing fashion and culture is always motivating me to create new designs.  While searching the market for new material, I keep an eye out for unique cuts of semiprecious stones, new colors of bohemian glass, unexpected shapes of cultured pearls, and any material that catches my interest." 


 Carnelian and Floral Earrings / Carnelian and Floral Necklace / Pink Cloisonne and Jade Earring / Pink Floral Cloisonne and Jade Necklace


  Red Chakra Glass Earrings / Multi Colored Chakra Glass Bracelet / Multi Colored Chakra Glass Necklace

In her cozy, light-filled studio, a small group of artisans crafts diverse designs to fill client's requests. For example, if you're like us and craving a color infusion to lift your sartorial spirits, KJK's Chakra Glass collection from our assortment will restore your equilibrium.

 Denim Bead and Sodalite Drop Earring / Floral Porcelain and Sodalite Bead Necklace

Another way Katherine shows her range is through her Denim and Sodalite designs, blending blues and pretty porcelain into a classic color combination. 

 The designer

Whichever of Katherine's collections captures you heart, there's definitely something for everyone among her designs. 

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