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Manet and Modern Beauty

The name Manet evokes the provocative, heroically scaled pictures he painted in the 1860s for the Salon, but in the late 1870s and early 1880s the artist produced quite a different body of work: stylish portraits of actresses and demimondaines, luscious still life, delicate pastels, intimate watercolors, and impressionistic scenes of suburban gardens and Parisian cafés.

Often dismissed as too pretty and superficial by critics, these later works reflect Manet’s elegant social world, propose a radical new alignment of modern art with fashionable femininity, and record the artist’s unapologetic embrace of beauty and visual pleasure in the face of death.  

 Manet and Modern Beauty: The Artist's Last Years

Manet Flowers Tote

Art is ready-to-wear with our newest tote. Featuring a floral detail of iconic artist Edouard Manet’s (French, 1832-1883) Flowers in a Crystal Vase, 1882.


Gray Embroidered Lace Scarf

Sheer elegance with a nod from the Victorian era steeped in refinement and beauty. Delicately embroidered with a floral pattern and scallop lace trim.


 Viva Pearl Necklace / Viva Pearl Earrings

Adorn yourself artfully.  Featuring lace patterns made modern with metalized polyester, silk threads, glass beads, Swarovski crystal and pearls, our Viva Necklace and Earrings straddle the intersection of art and craft.  


Butterflies and Vine Hair Pin / Single Rose Hair Pin

Elevate your (hair) style. A bevy of beautiful butterflies set with sparkling Swarovski crystals tops a hairpin fit to alight on your lovely locks. Or romanticize your up-do with a single elegant rose. Sitting pretty upon a delicate stem, this versatile gold-plated hairpin is an easy aesthetic accent for your hairstyle. 



Baroque Coin Pearl Necklace / Drop Coin Pearl Earrings

Accessorize to awe with our bold pearl necklace.  Coin pearls form a feminine flash of color, lending a pretty polish to any neckline. Class up your earrings in contemporary fashion.  Versatile cultured  pearls are party perfect and a blue jean dream.  

Purple Vintage Glass Box / Blue Vintage Hexagon Box / Teal Vintage Glass Box

Safeguard your treasures in our vintage boxes reminiscent of Victorian era beauty. Featuring handcrafted glass with embossed vintage texture, filigree supports and beaded edges.





Opulent Brass Bookends

Designed to evince an era steeped in beauty and refinement, our bookends will keep your most prized textual relics contained.


Manet Flowers Eyeglass Case with ClothManet Flowers Mug

Eye spy artful inspiration. Protect your eye-wear in style and sophistication with our newest hard shell eyeglass case, featuring a detail of Edouard Manet’s (French, 1832-1883) Flowers in a Crystal Vase, 1882. 

Start every day with art. Beautiful blooms inspired by Edouard Manet’s (French, 1832-1883) Flowers in a Crystal Vase, 1882 adorn your perfect cup. 

Manet Flowers Umbrella

Brighten any rainy day with blooms overhead. Adorned with a floral detail from Edouard Manet’s (French, 1832-1883) Flowers in a Crystal Vase, 1882, our umbrella provides shelter with convenience and style. 




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