How it's Made

Naturally Wonderful: Mickey Lynn Jewelry

“Life is precious and we are all here for just a short time. We choose to live our lives by design, not by default.” In a world of fast fashion and fleeting trends, Mickey Lynn's unique designs are conceived and created by hand to make an impact. 

 Beaded Apatite with Labradorite Pendant

Founders Mickey and Seth first bonded over their dreams and aspirations. Both were creators, dabbling in entrepreneurship as an escape from their ‘real’ jobs. Both had an insatiable wanderlust, constantly seeking opportunities to walk new terrain and live among different cultures. Both were entranced by nature—the textures of a coral reef, the vivid green of spring leaves, the perfect imperfection of a river-tumbled stone.

Bonded in these common interests and motivated to be intentional in their pursuit of fulfillment, Mickey and Seth together founded Mickey Lynn Jewelry in 2006.

Beaded Apatite Teardrop Earring / Ruby Sapphire Earrings

In their sunny Atlanta studio, they cultivate an environment of collaborative creativity among their small team, inspiring one another and working together to make each unique design. 

Mickey Lynn designs recognize the role of jewelry both in everyday personal expression and in encouraging and maintaining emotional connections. Every piece starts with inspiration, and the diverse team finds it everywhere. From traveling to enjoying a local farmer's market, there's never a lack of new ideas waiting to be tapped. 

Beaded Apatite Stretch Bracelet

These ideas coalesce in the studio, where experiences are re-imagined using colors, patterns and textures. At Mickey Lynn, they are committed to using natural materials to tell authentic stories. In nature's perfect imperfection and its infinite variation and unpredictability, the team discovers their designs. 



 Ruby Sapphire Necklace

Mickey and Seth strive to create pieces that are evergreen: sophisticated, simple and elegant designs made with materials that are durable, natural, and conscientiously sourced.  





Mickey Lynn's suppliers share their commitment to and respect for the earth. All stones are mined and cut using sustainable practices by artisans who are paid and treated fairly. 

 Ruby Sapphire Bracelet

With an eye for unique designs, some business savvy, and genuine engagement in local and global communities, the company continues to grow and bring joy to its founders and its fans.

Every stone tells a story, and the Mickey Lynn family hopes that you’ll make that story part of your own.

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