In Focus

Game on! Puzzles and Games for Your Patio Party

Everyone loves a good game night and this summer you can take it outside. Whether on your patio, porch or in your local park, we've got the games to bring everyone together for some fun and friendly competition with bonus art inspiration.

 Frank Lloyd Wright® Saguaro Puzzle

Act like an architect and piece together a Frank Lloyd Wright® (American, 1867–1959) favorite. Sort through 1,054 gold foil-stamped puzzle pieces to engineer Saguaro Forms and Cactus Flowers, a design Wright created for an unpublished Liberty Magazine cover in 1927. 

 Andy Warhol Memory Game

Soup's on!  Keep your cognitive acuity in check with this memory game inspired by Andy Warhol's (American, 1928-1987) iconic soup can.  Each game contains a set of 20 cards.  Match the coordinating colors to win.

 Frank Lloyd Wright® March Balloons Puzzle

Enjoy a little R+R and architecture with this Frank Lloyd Wright® (American, 1867–1959) puzzle. Featuring March Balloons, a design adapted from a series of 12 abstracts Wright created for the covers of Liberty Magazine from 1926 to 1928.

 Frank Lloyd Wright® Wooden Dominoes

A modern twist on a classic game, this set of 28 double-sided wooden dominoes features the iconic geometric designs of famed architect Frank Lloyd Wright. 

 Andy Warhol Wooden Dominoes

Whether you want to play or display, the psychedelic colors of Andy Warhol’s (American, 1928–1987) pop art palette add entertainment to your home. 


Playable ART Ball Game

The perfect game for the aspiring architect both young and old! Our game features twenty multi-colored interconnected spheres that can be turned, twisted, and scrunched into an endless array of elegant configurations.

 Playable ART Cube

Another game that transcends generations and fosters limitless creativity. Manipulate twelve square and rectangle wood pieces, connected by elastic, to create a myriad of structures.