How it's Made

Accentuate Autumn with Callahan Mountain Glass

Looking for luster and abundant color to complement your interior? You've come to the right place. Ron and Paula Mynatt are the artists behind Callahan Mountain Studios located in northwest Arkansas, and their art glass is known for its dynamic use of color, texture, transparency and intricate detail. Their expressive and evocative designs draw you in, combining chromatic virtuosity and resplendent form. Join us for a sneak peek into their studio and production process.

Flower Fluted Vase

Creating in their studio in Springdale, Arkansas, Ron and Paula take inspiration from the illusory possibilities of glass, particularly how it can magnify colors and textures. They also cite the exploitation of luster to create additional dimension in Tiffany glass. 

To assemble these colorful creations, hot molten glass is gathered on the end of a metal pipette from a 2160 degree furnace. This molten gather is then rolled in colorful crushed glass to create the colors and patterns. 

 Peacock Pedestal Bowl

The object is then hand-blown and shaped using heat and centrifugal force to form the finished piece. This forming is integral to the design, as it showcases the aforementioned colors and patterns. 

 Fall in love with your very own art object: