How it's Made

Fall in Love with Love Bags

Good things come in small, eco-friendly packages. Made from recycled plastic bottles, our bags are a vehicle for art and your belongings. They're sensible, sustainable and inspirational. Join us for a look inside the designer's studio to discover how they're made. 

 Designing in the studio

The perfect union of interests and experience coalesce in fashionable forms. A life-long love of art combined with the product design, sourcing and manufacturing experience are the foundation of all Love Bags. Whimsical ideas generated from brainstorms are presented to a designer who first hand draws and paints them. These initial designs are then scanned into a computer for retouching before being sent off for printing and production, thereby transforming ideas into wearable art.

 Botanical details on the drafting desk

Love Bags also employs existing artwork, which is reflected in our Frank Lloyd Wright® collection. The designers have taken Wright's black line artwork and re-colored it to fit the company's bold chromatic aesthetic. 

  Frank Lloyd Wright® Saguaro Folding Backpack /  Frank Lloyd Wright® Hoffman House Folding Backpack

The compositions for our backpacks are adapted from designs from the covers of Liberty Magazine from 1926 to 1928 and the Max Hoffman house from 1957. As practical as it is sleek, this backpack converts into a pouch, unzip the pouch, and unpack a backpack with two zipper compartments and adjustable shoulder straps. Perfect for travel, with a quick release clip for easy attachment to luggage. 

Folding architectural inspiration with fashion and function, you can't go wrong.