The Azulejos design features images of beautiful, hand-painted tiles from Portugal in shades of white and blue, with a yellow border accent. Photographer Baldemar Fierro was inspired by the elaborately painted decorative tiles that adorn surfaces as varied as churches to palace walls to park benches, during a visit to Portugal. His photographic approach is rooted in the belief that anything has the potential to be beautiful, no matter how common it may be. For this scarf, Baldemar captured images of particularly beautiful blue and white tiles (the most prevalent Azulejo color combination) and wove them into a fresh, airy and sophisticated design. All DESEDA silk scarves are designed by emerging artists from around the world. Their original artwork is printed on luxe silk in Italy, then finished in the U.S. in limited editions.

Material:  100% silk twill, hand rolled sewn edges.

Size:  22 in. square.