When Kasia Niemcynska was a child, she would watch her grandfather, an architect, meticulously sharpen his pencils and draw. Mesmerized by his process, there was nothing else she’d rather do. While spending this special time together, Kasia also watched him design and create toy kaleidoscopes. Step by step, he carefully cut small, colorful pieces of glass and placed them inside little carton tubes filled with mirrors, reflecting the beautiful, symmetrical patterns he created.

Influenced by her grandfather’s passion for his craft, Kasia is now an illustrator in her own right, telling stories with the images she creates. Kasia’s scarf design, Balance, tells a story of combining her love for Japanese art with a composition inspired by the mirrored patterns of her grandfather’s kaleidoscopes. Balance is a celebration of Japanese culture, with its pure and clean aesthetic, and the harmonious balance found in nature’s mythical flora and fauna. All DESEDA silk scarves are designed by emerging artists from around the world. Their original artwork is printed on luxe silk in Italy, then finished in the U.S. in limited editions.