Blue Magnetism Tie

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The powerful attraction of this silk tie derives from the subtle veils of color applied by an expert hand. Hand-painted with eco-friendly dye and signed by the artist. Due to the handmade nature, slight variations occur, giving each tie a look all its own. Made in USA. 

Dry clean only

Approx. 57 in.

Artist Spotlight

Hand-painted Silk Scarves by Joanna Alot

Joanna Alot is a silk artist, constantly creating beautiful hand-painted textiles and accessories.  Whether it is a geometric, floral, or abstract print, Joanna is always innovating.  Join Joanna as she takes us through her creative process, inspiration and even some of her favorite things at the Art Institute.    

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  1. Nov 14, 2016

    from Cold Spring, KY

    Beautiful tie! It's expensive, but it is of high quality.

  2. Dec 22, 2015

    from Chesterfield, MO

    OK after posting my comment (late in the day on the 21st) I got a call from the Art Institute the very next morning, before I had a chance to call them myself. They were super prompt on arranging an exchange.
    Also I do have to say that the colors for the others ties are pretty true to the images on the web. Between everyone in my family we've ordered almost all of them, so I know this for a fact. Note that it's impossible to exactly match a hue you see on your monitor/mobile device to the real thing held in your hand. There are a number of technical reason for this, but just going to a store and looking at all the different TV screens showing the "same image" you'll realize how much things can differ. In the case of the "Blue Magnetism" tie, it's just much a wider difference than anyone could expect. It is a very pretty tie, but not something I'm going to wear. Buy it for the "Arty" person in your life/family.
    Bottom line I'm giving 5 stars on this so that my two comments will at least average up to a 3. Points for absolutely awesome customer service.

  3. Dec 11, 2015

    from Kentwood, MI

    I have been very impressed with your artistic ties as they
    are the 'favorites' of my younger brother in CA.
    This one is no exception and certainly is unique in design
    and colors.
    Mary Ellen from Michigan

  4. Oct 12, 2013

    from Germantown, MD

    This is an absolutely gorgeous tie. Classy, subdued, but also worthy of notice. I have bought ties from the Art Institute of Chicago for many years and this is one of the best.