Murano Glass Pineapple

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The pineapple has long been viewed as a symbol of welcome and hospitality.  You'll want to welcome this beautiful Murano glass pineapple into your home.  Mouth blown in Murano, Italy and preciously finished with 24-karat gold leaf.  Perfect on its own or paired with our other Murano glass fruits.  

Approx. 5 x 4 1/2 in.

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  1. Feb 12, 2020

    from Denton,

    Two things - (1) pineapples to not have a stem at the top( they grow on stalks) and (2) those are the wrong kind of pineapple leaves ( leaves are "...sword-shaped leaves with needle-like tips." Bottom part looks like a pineapple -but that's it.

  2. Sep 30, 2019

    from Ponte Vedra, FL

    I returned this item. The piece looks cheap-not rich like the website picture, the leaves are loose on the top-flimsy, and it would not stand up.

  3. Dec 6, 2017

    from Sunnyvale, CA

    We love this pineapple. Small and exquisite. A wonderful reminder of some good times in Hawaii.

  4. Feb 7, 2017

    from Tampa, FL

    The pineapple is lovely, but quite disappointing that the gold leaf was applied poorly, with visable places where there was none. It was purchased as a sentimental gift, or I would have returned it. Since I couldn't give it as it was, I bought some goldleaf to repair it myself.

  5. May 15, 2015

    from Middletown, CT

    The glass pineapple is absolutely beautiful. It is light and airy. We have it on display as a central display item in our curio cabinet.

  6. Sep 22, 2013

    from Spring, TX

    I hesitated to buy the pinapple because it cost more, but it is so worth the price. The color is pretty and it has so many nice long leaves at the top. Is the center piece for all the other fruits. Beautifully shaped. A little bigger than the other fruits. The appearance is that of a piece of art.

  7. Sep 4, 2013

    from Severna Park, MD

    This item is beautiful! I bought it as a birthday gift for my best friend, but want one for myself. Love it.

  8. Aug 22, 2013

    from South San Francisco, CA

    I ordered the Murano pineapple, pear and grapes. All three pieces are defective. The gold leaf is not uniform. The top of each piece is just glass with no leaf, as if it didn't "take". And some of the pieces have lines down the sides where the gold is not applied and you see the naked glass. At first I thought it might be on purpose. But it is definitely defective. Also, the packing material is horrible. The styrofoam gets everywhere when you open the box. In these days when everyone is trying to go "green", it is a nuisance. I would return the pieces but I don't want to wrestle with the styrofoam again. I am very disappointed in my purchase.

  9. Mar 14, 2013

    from Pittsfield, ME

    Perfect size. Beautiful. Was especially impressedwith the ability to bend the leaves into any position. Well made. Thanks for making this available! Mary

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