Volubile Necklace - Vert D'Eau

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This twirling combination of gold and aqua mesh is très magnifique! Handmade in France, nylon threads and gold plated brass come together to create a luminous and contemporary accent. 

Approx. 34 in.
Mesh accents approx.. 3/4 in. at widest part

How it's Made

Volubile Jewelry from Paris

Welcome to the Montmartre district in Paris, city of love and light and the origin of our handmade Volubile Jewelry. Delicate, intricate webs spun of durable plated brass and nylon, these pieces are artistic innovation realized in wearable form. Step inside our jeweler's atelier for a glimpse into the creative process at the intersection of design, fashion and visual art that is behind these exquisite pieces. We're in inspirational Paris for this edition of "How it's Made."  

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