Wispy Circle Scarf

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You'll never feel like a wall flower wearing this 100% silk scarf.  Eye-catching circles of complimentary colors are harmonious yet dramatic.  Handmade in India.  Handwash in cold water and hang dry. 

Approx. 25 x 69 in. with 3 in. fringe.

Customer reviews

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  1. Nov 3, 2018

    from Cookeville, TN

    Very lovely and feminine. My wife loves it.

  2. Feb 28, 2017

    from Arlington, TX

    Still loving it---proceeding into years now! Wow!

  3. May 2, 2016

    from Arlington, TX

    This perfect picture represents this scarf. I have a mustard gold raw silk jacket and this scarf is the ART piece. I feel so special.

  4. Jan 17, 2016

    from Norfolk, VA

    Bought for a present but kept it for myself - GORGEOUS and prettier/brighter in person. Like others have said, it is stiff for silk but very nice. The strands are very fine so you need to be careful not to snag it. Lots of complements when I wear it. I will buy it again for gifts.

  5. Dec 16, 2015

    from Raleigh, NC

    I absolutely love this scarf and got many, many compliments on the scarf. I wore it with a dress from another art gallery to our annual Christmas gala, which departed from the regular red. green, black type holiday dresses. I think there was a slight imperfection as one side at the end is unraveling, but I will contact them about it. The scarf is beautiful!!

  6. Dec 14, 2015

    from Shavano Park, TX

    This is a lovely scarf, I have not purchased this item (yet!), but as a handweaver I know that after weaving a silk scarf it is best to "beat it" by swinging and hitting it on a counter top. Silk is a tougher fiber than you think (when dry) and beating it will soften it up so that it has a very nice "hand". It may be the remants of serican, the sticky and stiff material that surrounds it after being spun by the silk worm, even though in processing most of it is gone and the weaving itself may make it feel stiff. Just a thought!

  7. Dec 7, 2015

    from LOS ALTOS, CA

    I bought one for myself and two as gifts for friends. I know some people think it's scratchy, but I was expecting worse and was wondering if I'd have to run over it with the car or something before I could wear it. Not at all.

    I also think that this will be the perfect accessory for travel since it weighs NOTHING but makes simple clothing look fabulous.

  8. Dec 2, 2015

    from Catonsville, MD

    The scarf is gorgeous! The picture doesn't do it justice. It's a gift (so, I haven't worn it) but I agree with the other reviewers as to it being stiff and I can imagine it being scratchyy due to the fabric feel. I also agree that for being 100% silk one would expect a softer material. I m considering purchasing one for myself.

  9. Nov 12, 2015

    from Nashville,, TN

    The scarf is reasonably priced and very pretty. It is a bit stiff as the other reviewers pointed out. I've worn it once, to a symphony concert, and received compliments on it from four total strangers! I have worn far more expensive accessories and jewelry and not received as many compliments.

  10. Nov 12, 2015

    from Arlington, TX

    So whimsical--so artsy!
    This is how to be different for $45 and feel proud as well!!!!! You have some items that "just stand out!"

  11. Oct 18, 2015

    from Kerrville, TX

    This is a most unusual and attractive scarf, and unlike anything I've ever seen. The circles of fiber (looking like flowers) are captured between fine pieces of netting, so there is no chance of them getting caught on jewelry or unraveling. The array of colors included in the scarf makes it quite versatile. I believe this scarf will also be seasonless.
    I agree with the first reviewer - this is a very stiff and scratchy scarf, which is surprising since it claims to be "100% silk." If it had arrived a bit softer, I would have given it five stars.

  12. Sep 7, 2015

    from Lafayette, CA

    I love this scarf and it goes with all of my business and casual Spring through Fall clothing. I have also received many compliments on it. The only downside to this scarf if that is it a bit stiff and has taken some "delicate effort" to soften.

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