Glass Hoop Solid 14K Gold Earrings-Yellow/Green

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A creative use of negative space accentuates a simple circle for a less is more approach. Solid 14-karat gold wire with delicate glass droplets, handmade using the Italian method of lampworking. Made in the USA. 

1 ½ in. diam

How it's made

Handcrafted Glacial Glass Jewelry

We know you crave substance with your style, and we're here to help. Welcome to the West Coast, land of luminous light, where good things come in pairs (of earrings). Today we are in the Los Angeles, California, studio of designer Jess Panza to learn more about the artistry, philosophy, and technology involved in creating her delicate glass jewelry designs. You're in for some inspiration and education in this edition of "How it's Made."

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