Silk Speckle Shawl-Black with White

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Peppered with paint, this edgy, abstract silk scarf is cut, sewn and printed using a natural water based ink to keep a low carbon footprint. This new wave fabrication is designed by School of the Art Institute alumna Lydia Crespo, her high contrast textiles are made right here in the USA. 100% Silk.  

22 x 72 in.

How it's Made

The Magical Minimalism of Argaman & Defiance Textiles

Discover magic in minimal design. Our mesmerizing silk shawls from Argaman & Defiance are the perfect transition pieces. Super sophisticated and very versatile, they are handmade of 100% silk right here in Chicago. In this edition of "How it's Made," we visit the studio of School of the Art Institute of Chicago alumna Lydia Crespo to learn about her process and intriguing inspiration.  

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  1. Nov 15, 2018

    from Western Springs, IL

    Simple design that is elegant.