Clover Loop Earrings- Golden/Baby Blue

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Matte metallic and true blue, a current color palette simply made for each other. Handmade in Columbia, laser cut steel is hand-polished, shaped and plated with 22-karat gold and powder paint. Chain is bronze with gold plate. 

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How it's Made

Inside the Artist's Studio: Handmade Jewelry by Claudia Vallejo

Perhaps you've seen an accessory so striking its nearly stopped you in your tracks.  In Claudia Vallejo's line of handcrafted, laser-cut jewelry you'll find plenty of such uniquely stylish stunners. The line both reflects and embodies the ideas and intentions of Claudia, the multifaceted artist at its helm. Today, journey with us to Vallejo's Bogotá, Colombia, workshop for a sneak peek at her creative process.

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