Hopper Nighthawks Umbrella

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Inspired by by Edward Hopper's  (American, 1882-1967) Nighthawks, our umbrella is polyester on a silver steel frame.  Auto-open.

10 1/2 in.

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  1. Aug 19, 2012

    from Parker, MD

    Bought the Hopper Tote and Umbrella set, and love, love, love it.

    The tote is sturdy and durable. It has become my lunch bag, roomy enough to set square (6.5 in x 6.5 in) sandwich containers in the bottom, flat-- and stacked four high. On top of the containers I can set my yogurt and a banana inside the tote as well, including two Blender Bottle protein shakers (with the stainless steel mixer ball inside) side-by-side width-wise. I put my regular-size eating utensils inside the interior zipper-pocket-- long enough to put a table knife in diagonally. There is another smaller pocket that is about the size for an old cell phone. My Samsung Galaxy III or an iPhone would not fit in it so I stuff rolled up napkins in it.

    The umbrella is also sturdy and durable, easy to manage with the press-button to extend. It does however require two hands to retract the umbrella as the button does not provide automatic retraction. All the hardware is black, including the wrist strap. I have received many compliments on the very popular and easily recognizable "Nighthawks" painting pattern. The black borders that separate each of the panels and run along the circumference of the dome, give it a nice geometric look as well. The colors are varied with some dark and rust browns, various shades of green, pale yellow and soft white, giving you some flexibility in your choices of raincoat colors. I of course went with the standard belted, black rain coat. It is quite a classy ensemble. I have even been given compliments from men on this umbrella which I admin I was quite surprised-- they do not however notice the matching tote. Those who do notice the tote think it is overkill. I suppose you cannot please everyone! ;) It is a nice change from a plain black umbrella but is still conservative enough in print and design.

    I hope I have provided an accurate and objective description for those of you, who like me, purchase items based on customer reviews.

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