Pastel Bubble Marble Scarf

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Beautifully draped and designed to be flattering, this scarf is simultaneously current and ageless. 100% silk is infused with colorful dyes created in a solution of water, producing a design with a laissez-faire attitude. Made in the USA. Due to the handmade nature, each piece is unique.

14″ × 72″.

Behind the Design: Catch Good Vibes from Our Groovy Scarves

Need a breath of fresh air? Get easy breezy with us in coastal California while we take a glimpse into the textile art studio of Sharon Gellerman for ColorVibe Design. Using fabric as her canvas, our designer transforms each piece of silk into a unique piece of wearable art. Come along to sunny San Luis Obispo in this edition of "How it's Made."  ›

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