Atmosphere Necklace

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Design-forward and a bit industrial, marble finds its rhythm as a flattering accessory. Paired with handpicked pieces of jade, wood and brass, and assembled by hand in the USA. Each will be unique. 

17  x 2 in.

Fall into Fashion with Stunning Statement Necklaces by History + Industry

This fall, let stylish statement necklaces do the talking.Welcome to Seattle, Washington, the "emerald city" and origin of our exquisite necklaces by designer Irene Wood of History + Industry. Featuring impeccably chic, modern silhouettes inspired by cultural history, these pieces are a simultaneous style statement and an artistic innovation. Step inside our jeweler's studio for a glimpse into her creative process fusing fashion, design, history and modernity. You're in for inspiration in this edition of "How it's Made."  

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