Atmosphere Necklace

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Design-forward and a bit industrial, marble finds its rhythm as a flattering accessory. Paired with handpicked pieces of jade, wood and brass, and assembled by hand in the USA. Each will be unique. Handmade jewelry can be found in the museum’s permanent collection.

17″ × 2″.

Fall into Fashion with Stunning Statement Necklaces by History + Industry

This fall, let stylish statement necklaces do the talking.Welcome to Seattle, Washington, the "emerald city" and origin of our exquisite necklaces by designer Irene Wood of History + Industry. Featuring impeccably chic, modern silhouettes inspired by cultural history, these pieces are a simultaneous style statement and an artistic innovation. Step inside our jeweler's studio for a glimpse into her creative process fusing fashion, design, history and modernity. You're in for inspiration in this edition of "How it's Made."

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