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Customer reviews from Melinda

Baton Rouge, LA

  1. Seligmann Exotic Garden Umbrella/Tote Set

    Sep 4, 2017

    I was drawn to the individual pieces because of the colors, but jumped on the set when I saw it. Living in south Louisiana means that you must be prepared for rain just about any time. With the umbrella in the tote, there is also room for my foldable bronze raincoat with the pleated collar/hood that looks like it was made to go together. The packed tote stays in my car so I'm fashionably ready for whatever the weather throws my way! The beauty and quality exceeded my expectations. What a lovely and unusual gift this would be!

  2. Shibori Silk Scarf-Deep Teal

    Aug 25, 2017

    Just received this scarf, and it is absolutely beautiful. The price is outstanding for the quality of workmanship and the size, and the colors take your breath away. While this scarf came packed flat, it has the slightly pleated or ribbed texture common with the shibori technique. I was lucky that a similar scarf came packed In a twisted roll one time, but you can twist the scarf so that it seems to coil into a loose knot. The texture and ribs are preserved and the scarf never looks like it needs attention because of wrinkles. It both stores and packs beautifully this way while preserving it's original texture. I also bought the same scarf in a dark red or burgundy color. It is also beautiful, but this one has more color variation which adds to its depth and interest. I can highly recommend both.

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