Make your way around the city using the famous elevated "El" trains to visit places of interest and return to State/Lake station before anyone else.  Strategize your optimal route by utilizing trains and buses but be prepared for detour. Game is locally designed in Chicago's Wicker Park neighborhood.

Game contains:

  • 1 20 in. x 30 in. Game Board Map of Chicago's famous Elevated Train system
  • 8 painted and screen printed wooden train pawns to match the 8 train lines
  • 32 screen printed wooden transit tokens
  • 12 florescent acrylic station renovation markers
  • 67 destination cards with places to visit around Chicago
  • 28 condition cards that will help or hinder your trip
  • 2 dice six-sided 

Suitable for ages 13+ (2-8 players)

10 in. H X 10 in. W X 2 in. D