The Poppaea Earring is modeled after earrings dating to before AD 79, found in the excavations at the Roman town of Herculaneum, in the Bay of Naples area.  Poppaea Sabina (AD 30 - 65) was a noblewoman from the Bay of Naples. Her aristocratic family was extremely prominent in the area, and likely owned much property, as evidence from Pompeii and the villa at Oplontis suggest. Poppaea would win the heart of the Roman emperor Nero, known for his excesses and extravagance, whom she would marry.



  • Overall height: 1.9 cm (.75 in)
  • Diameter of large dome: 1.1 cm (.4 in)
  • Diameter of small dome: 6 mm (.2 in)
  • 18K Gold Over Sterling Silver